Our story begins with making your ESF life more easy:

The people behind easyESF are committed to help you in administration your ESF project so that you maximize results.

We have done so over the last 25 years, throughout Europe.

Our organization and core values

Based on our 25+ years of experience, we believe that a combination of ICT and personal advise provides the most added value to customers in complying with ESF.

Securing funding should be done in the most effective and cost efficient way. This led us to the development of easyESF. Our ICT systems have been proven to be successful for over 8 years.

Let us help you comply with ESF easier, with more transparency and at a better price.

Why choose us?

We are committed to make your ESF life easier

We have assisted thousands of companies and public institutions with ESF across Europe

We want you to succeed. Our projects have a realisation rate of 98,3% of applied funding

Our business model is transparent and fair

ICT developed in the Netherlands, according to the highest standards, and scalable to any EU country


easyESF and it’s related brands are developed and owned by Wecreate Consulting, supported by Gilde-BT Software.

easyESF is committed exclusively to assisting clients with compliance of European Funding through ICT products based on our with 25+ years of experience. We offer our solutions in all of Europe and work with a network of local experts and helpdesk staff to assist you in your native language.

Gilde-BT Software

Gilde-BT is one of the leading software development organizations in the Netherlands.

At any given moment, the education of at least 1.500.000 people are registered through our software solutions. With intelligent ICT, we provide a solution that is workable and which is more efficient than any current method.

Try it now

Give us a call and learn how easyESF can make your ESF life easier.

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