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Where will be my data be stored?

Your data will be stored on our highly secured server, based in the Netherlands. All documents are encrypted before transfer to ensure optimal data security. We operate in correspondence with the highest security standards in ICT.

Can I give access to the data and documents to multiple persons?

A client can give access to multiple persons in its organisation based on its own internal procedures. easyESF does require one person from the client to act as administrator, who allocates different user rights to these different users.

Who else has access to this data and documents?

The access is limited to the client (and the respective users the client wishes to allocate) and the back-office of easyESF. We will not provide your data to any other party without the clients consent.

Will officials from the grantor body, an accountant and/or the European Commission have access to my data and documents?

They can have access to this data. This allows them to check the realisation of the project from a distance. Grantor bodies are very happy with this possibility and this usually helps building trust in terms of the compliance process. However, they will only have access if the client of easyESF give permission to share this data.

How is it ensured that my data is not misused?

easyESF operates in correspondence to its privacy policy. This means that data is not shared with third parties in any way, without the consent of the client. Because the data is stored with respect to national and international government funding, we must comply with their regulations. We cannot take any responsibility over the use by governments of this data once the final declaration has been submitted.

Can I amend data or documents once uploaded?

Yes, you can. The system allows you to change any uploaded document or inserted data, for example if you have made a mistake. Once all your data is correct, you are required to push the “finish my declaration” button. You can do this for every activity (for every training course) at a time. Once this button has been pushed, all data concerning that specific activity will be sealed and cannot be changed. This is required to ensure fraud prevention towards the final audit.

How long after the project ends the data and documents will be stored?

All digital files uploaded in easyESF are stored based on ESF European regulations and national legislation in the respective country of the client. Usually, all files are stored up until 5 years after the project has ended. Clients are always encouraged to store original documents according to prevailing national legislation

How many participants can be stored in the system?

This can be an unlimited amount of participants. At the moment, the system is storing data for well over 1.200.000 active users.

In which format the documents have to be - pdf, word, excel?

The format can be in any type, but files in PDF are preferred. Some data, such as participant data (age, gender, etc) can be inserted through a special Excel reading function. This enables users to upload a lot of participant data easier. This usually works best with an updated version of Microsoft Excel.

Can I link easyESF to existing systems, such as SAP, MS project or other?

easyESF is a full service stand-alone platform. Linkages are not necessary in order to administrate all relevant ESF files. Linkages with systems such as SAP are possible, and they usually require a separate “push” function of data. This usually involves a tailor made ICT-process and legal mitigation on behalf of the client, and is therefore not included in any standard pricing by easyESF. Please contact us for further information.

Can I link easyESF to existing online tools from grantor bodies, such as BENEFIT in CZ or TENTEC at the EC?

We will make this link for you. The online tools from grantor bodies do not allow tempering with. However, the data extraction from easyESF is done in such a way that it corresponds fully with the data required by the grantor body online tools.

What are the benefits of using easyESF?

Our clients tell us three main benefits: using easyESF helps them to administrate ESF project easier by helping them do the right things at the right time. easyESF also makes it possible to get a far better quality administration. If desired, we check all files and assist in ensuring all files are correct. And finally, easyESF helps clients gain control over their data in real-time. Better know how leads to better decision making.

For whom is easyESF useful?

easyESF is useful for any type of client, small or large. We believe especially larger clients benefit from the advantages of scale and scope. The smaller clients benefit from the assistance in administrating easier and better.

Does easyESF provide triggers or automatic checks?

Yes, of course it does. easyESF can check how your realisation of costs is underway. It triggers users regarding deadlines and budgets. It also helps you prevent mistakes, by assisting users with the upload of documents and checking uploaded documents with the requirements.

How does payment work for easyESF?

Clients pay a fee based on the number of participants in the system. We will send an invoice based on the specific payment agreements with the client.

Does EasyESF use paypal or credit card payment methods?

No, we do not use Paypal or Credit Card payment methods at the moment.

Can I work from anywhere on easyESF?

As long as you have internet access and a working device, you can work from anywhere on easyESF.

On which mobile platforms does easyESF work?

easyESF is a web-based service which uses a responsive site. This site adjust to any format via which it is accessed, such as desktop, tablet or mobile. The app related to hourly registration works both via Android and iOS.

How many projects can I manage in parallel using easyESF?

Potentially an unlimited amount of projects. Usually, clients manage different projects that overlap each other. The systems allocates files to that specific project.

What is the function of the dashboard and management reports?

With easyESF you can generate data output regarding your ESF project. This can be done by management reports which generate output in Excel. Also, you can visually create an insightful overview of the most relevant data by using the dashboard functions.

Can I use EasyESF as a private person or as a legal entity?

easyESF is intended for corporate use by a legal entity. Natural persons can have access to easyESF if the client wishes to provide access to third parties, such as trainees for example. Please contact us for details.

Who is validating my documents and data?

Data is validated first by the client, by checking the documents and data before uploading and storing. Second, if desired, the back-office staff of easyESF can check up to 100% of all of the clients data and documents. Third, documents and data will be provided to grantor bodies or accountants based on national legislation

How fast will by data and documents be validated?

Validation by easyESF can be done on a regular basis, usually within 5 working days after the upload. Validation by the grantor body or accountant is based on national ESF regulations, and can be anywhere between once at the end of the project or regularly during the project.

What type of projects can use EasyESF?

easyESF is intended for all ESF related projects such as for example vocational training.

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We know it helps if you can talk to an expert sometimes. So call us. Our helpdesk team will help you out with difficulties and provide best practices and proven solutions.

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